Histology and Pathology Equipment Maintenance & Repair

MedPro Diagnostics, LLC.

We offer preventative maintenance & repair on equipment used in histology for businesses small & large.


Your Trusted Provider for Comprehensive Medical Equipment Service & repair.

At Medpro Diagnostics our focus is servicing Histology and Pathology Lab instruments for major medical companies, Universities and Hospitals with the highest quality of manufacturer trained preventative maintenance and repair. Medpro Diagnostic main goal is to provide timely professional services at a reasonable rate. We handle all calibration and repair for your histology and pathology lab instrument needs.  We specialize in histology instrumentation, but also support many different types of pathology and general laboratory instruments.  Whether it is immediate repair service needs for your Histology equipment, or providing preventative maintenance, calibration and certification services for your instrumentation.  When the need arises, Medpro Diagnostics is responsive and available to make your Histology Equipment work properly and minimize down time.  Medpro Diagnostics is your Trusted service provider for repair and maintenance.

Our Services

Preventative Maintenance

Maintaining your equipment so that it is up to code & accurately calibrated is an important task, but not just anybody can do it! The professionals at MedPro have the experience to do it in a flash.

Service Contracts

Don’t wait until your equipment malfunctions to call us! Our service contracts ensure things are running smoothly as well as offering repairs to equipment that may be experiencing problems.

Refurbishing & More...

We also offer other services such as buying & refurbishing old equipment, selling refurbished & new equipment, loaner units, emergency repairs and various equipment checks & inspections.

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Whether you need troubleshooting help, preventative maintenance ahead of time, an emergency or just a simple question— we are here to help!